'Secret Circle' Recap: 'Crystal'

by Ryan J. Downey

The Secret Sibling revealed! After a short hiatus, "The Secret Circle" returned to the airwaves last night with the show's biggest revelation since the return of John Blackwell. Isaac told Jake there was another Blackwell kicking around in his circle and "Crystal" wrapped up with Cassie Blake breathlessly coming to this realization about one of her friends: "You're my sister." Yep, the episode ended with those three words. And boy, was it powerful!

Throughout most of "Crystal," as the gang went on a quest to gather as many of the magical crystals possessed by their elder relatives as possible, all signs seemed to have pointed toward Faye. She does, after all, act like she's full of darkness. And early in the episode, as she rummaged through her house looking for a crystal with Melissa, she discovered her mother's journal, which dished all about a possible love affair with Cassie's dad back in the day. At one point she even threw herself in front of a speeding motorcycle (more on that later) in an attempt to trigger any latent dark magic within her. But the real Secret Sibling turned out to be somebody who used to fashion herself as the de facto leader of the crew (and keeper of their moral compass) until she spent most of "Crystal" wanting out: Diana!

Cassie's father (who managed to make it the entire episode without once popping his collar, which we believe was a first) told the crew they needed to gather all of the family crystals in order to neutralize the witch hunters' power. Blackwell and Charles had a tense exchange about the events of 16 years ago (during which Charles promised to "bury" Blackwell as soon as possible); meanwhile, the kids divided into smaller groups to go looking for the pieces to the latest magical puzzle.

Grunge-rocker-looking Callum and "Ken Doll" (Callum's words) Jake got into a scuffle on the streets of Chance Harbor. Callum was creepily hitting on Melissa when Jake pointed out that he's just a bottom feeder looking to suck up everybody's magic. Callum said something about being able to sell Jake's blood on the black market, which resulted in a brief choking exchange between the two guys before Melissa broke it up. Hmm, some foreshadowing...

After a brief scene in which Jake's ever present feelings for Cassie (and Cassie's thinly hidden feelings for Adam) remained apparent, Jake, Faye and Cassie headed to see Jake's allegedly crazy old grandpa at his house which looked like that scene from "A Beautiful Mind" with conspiracy theories plastered all over the wall.

Jake's grandfather (played by "Breaking Bad" actor John de Lancie, who sci-fi fans will always know as the beloved "Q" from "Star Trek") told the kids all about how Blackwell conspired to control the Circle from the inside by having as many kids as possible within it. Blackwell is bad news, he reminded all of them.

He explained that 300 years ago, 18 families fled the Salem witch trials and split into three Circles. Blackwell corrupted the West Coast circle in order to control it and tip the scales toward evil. Jake's grandpa wouldn't hand over his crystal, but he let it slip that it was hidden in an old mine (protected by a spell that would keep any pesky Balcoins away from it), just as sneaky Callum sped away on his motorcycle with a map to the old mine in his hand.

Luckily for the gang, Cassie had snapped a picture of the map on her phone. Melissa and Adam needed Diana's help to figure out which of the many crystals they found actually had magic. Unfortunately Diana was busy trying to indulge in a romantic day with Aussie boatman Grant, who promised to come clean about himself just as Diana had to start working overtime to keep everything about herself and her friends a secret. With the correct crystal in hand, Melissa and Adam set out to the mine and after some "Indiana Jones"-style rope swinging, they found Jake's family crystal. Too bad Callum was there with a gun and snatched it from them.

Cassie almost choked to death trying to enter the mine. Apparently, any child of Blackwell who tried to walk into that mine wouldn't be able to breath. Diana had to ditch Grant in order to show up to help. Convinced she's the other child of Blackwell, Faye played chicken against Callum's motorcycle, waiting for her own dark magic to kick in. Diana grabbed her just in the nick of time, leaving Cassie to turn on her actual dark magic to stop Callum in his tracks. A few sparks later and the gang had Callum pinned long enough for Jake to smear some blood on his forehead and mark him with a spell. The group told him to stay out of Chance Harbor, or else.

Before we get to the episode revelation, let's talk about the revelation that almost happened: Charles was nearly exposed for killing Cassie's mother. Jane was back in the house and conspired with Charles to capture and kill Blackwell with a plot that began with an invitation for coffee and was to end with an enchanted chair (which neutralized Blackwell's power as long as he was sitting on it), a crystal and a little jar of something that when lit with a match would send Cassie's dad away for good. But before the plan was completed, Jane just had to know the truth about her daughter's death. Charles, of course, got pretty nervous about this line of questioning. The crystal, which would've turned all muddy if Blackwell was lying, revealed that John was telling the truth as he denied being responsible for Amelia's death. (Side note: Amelia was killed in the pilot episode of "The Secret Circle." But you know what? Cassie's dad was supposedly dead, too. Could it be that maybe...? Hmm).

Jane decided she couldn't go through with killing Blackwell. Charles tried to finish the job, but Blackwell had outsmarted them both: he had already found that magical jar and switched its power to target Jane instead of him. As soon as Charles lit the match, it was Jane who lied on the floor, apparently "sent to hell." Blackwell pointed out how much time he had been spending in Jane's house as he told Charles he was going to let him live, for now, as he still had "use" for him.

It wasn't all doom and gloom with John this episode. We did get to see a bit of his (pretend?) tender side as he played nice with Cassie at one point and as he semi-tenderly explained to Faye that he's not her father, but he will look out for her nevertheless. Faye seemed happy about this, which made John grin devilishly.

So, that brings us to Blackwell's real "other" daughter. Diana made it clear to Cassie that once this business with the witch hunters is concluded, she planned to exit the Circle. This episode's events had shown her what a normal life with Grant could be like. She wanted a break. Cassie scolded her for not being around when Adam and Melissa needed her, to which Diana shot back something about trying to enter the mine to help them but not being able to, because when she tried, she couldn't breath. That's when Cassie put the pieces together. The spell cast on the mine was designed for Blackwell people only. Which, of course, revealed...

Diana is The Secret Sibling. Boom!

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