Steven McQueen And Shenae Grimes Share A Laugh In Bed

Holy hot boy! What we wouldn't give to be Shenae Grimes right now! First of all, look at Steven McQueen's arms...and chest...and smile...and hair...and what were we saying?

Oh right, wanting to be Shenae. Second, look at her laughing! We can practically hear her cackling as if she was in our office with us. Whatever Steven said or did must have been really hilarious. That looks way too real to just be Shenae's acting.

His caption raises the question: What are they filming? We know both "Vampire Diaries" and "90210" wrapped, and despite googling our fingers to exhaustion, we can't seem to find a project they're both working on. Whatever it is, it looks like a fun romance is in store for the CW stars. Or maybe a really good friendship.

All we know is that shirtless Steven is totally consuming our Tweet Dreams!

Do you know what Steven and Shenae are filming? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!