Cassandra Clare, Holly Black Score Joint Book, Movie Deal!

What's the only thing better than a brand new, just-announced series from two of our favorite authors? Um, nothing! Oh—that is, unless said series comes with some serious buzz attached and a full-blown movie deal already on the know, kind of like what's happened with the shiny new venture by literary heavyweights Cassandra Clare and Holly Black.

The authors (of, respectively, the "Mortal Instruments" series and the "Spiderwick Chronicles") are collaborating on a five-book middle-grade saga about a 12-year-old boy on a journey of magical self-discovery, which will be published by Scholastic over the next several years. And the hullabaloo surrounding the deal is so intense that Constantin Films has already snapped up rights (led by the same producer who's handling the movie adaptation of "Mortal Instruments," so you know it's in good fanboy hands.)

"I feel incredibly lucky to be working with Constantin on a second project," Cassie told Hollywood Crush via email. "They really get stuff done and they really include me. I'm so excited they loved the story. And Holly would say she's thrilled to have had such a huge response from the publishing and entertainment communities to the project, and she can't wait to see it as a film. We promised each other if it got optioned we'd get matching tattoos so no backing out now!"

This is early news, but definitely noteworthy: We all know Scholastic as the American publisher responsible for Harry Potter, and while nobody could ever replace The Boy Who Lived, a series of this length (and with magical content, too!) might just be the next huge hit for those jonesing for a hit of wizardly whimsy. But we'll have to be patient; the first book in the series, "The Iron Trial," won't be out until 2014. And with the announcement still so fresh that it's practically steaming, there's only the teensiest bit of information about the plot—which, according to the release, involves a young man named Callum Hunt who's grown up in fear and awe of magicians—and who may or may not be about to become one himself.

The good news: Far-off release date or not, "Callum Hunt" has officially claimed a place on the list of Top Five Most Crushworthy Names In YA Lit and should be there for probably the next five years.

Will you be snatching up "The Iron Trial" as soon as humanly possible?