Stephenie Meyer Options Lois Duncan Thriller 'Down A Dark Hall'

Stephenie Meyer has built quite the empire since introducing us to the Cullen clan. Aside from her "Twilight Saga" success, her body-snatcher fantasy "The Host" is currently filming and will make its big-screen debut March 2013. But if you think our favorite vampire novelist will only work on her own projects, think again.

Variety reports that, in partnership with Fickle Fish Films, the author has optioned the YA suspense novel "Down a Dark Hall" and will serve as one of the producers. The book was penned by Lois Duncan, the same novelist who wrote "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and "Hotel for Dogs."

The story follows Kit Gordy as she's accepted into the extremely selective Blackwood boarding school for girls. You would think this would be an exciting experience, but it becomes the stuff urban legends are made of when she's joined by only three other students. Things get even stranger when she realizes their bedrooms only lock from the outside. Yikes. We'd make a run for it, but alas, heroine Kit does not. Instead she begins to unravel the mysteries surrounding Blackwood's history before the girls fall prey to whatever is haunting the school.

Intrigued yet? We definitely are. Excuse us while we download this onto our Kindles.

This isn't the first time Stephenie's taken on a behind-the-scenes role. She's currently producing a film adaptation of "Austenland"—a novel that follows a girl's journey into the world of Jane Austen to find her very own Mr. Darcy. And, of course, she has a producer credit on "Breaking Dawn."

"Down a Dark Hall" is still in the very early stages, but we're thinking the movie will be a more thrilling, less catty version of "Gossip Girl."

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