Ashley Greene's 'Apparition' Character Is Not 'Indestructible' Like Alice Cullen

Most people know Ashley Greene for her role as a vampire in "The Twilight Saga," but come this summer, Ashley will be on the other side of the haunting in "The Apparition." The movie follows a couple (played by Ashley and Sebastian Stan) who are spooked by a supernatural presence when a college experiment goes horribly awry.

Ashley told MTV News that playing the character of Kelly is a very different experience than playing Alice Cullen. "Kelly is very...human. Death is knocking at her door, and she is fighting for her survival," she said. "I had to take on a lot more loss, betrayal and vulnerability when playing Kelly."

Ashley also took on a lot more injuries. Alice is virtually indestructible, but in "Apparition," the actress said stunts were "much different" and required a lot more "agility."

"I think I injured myself more on this film because of the intensity of the scenes. You get wrapped up and don't realize how hard you're pounding your hand or that you've hurt your ankle until the end of the scene," she said.

You can chalk that up to an adrenaline rush dulling the pain, but we think it has to do with Ashley's acting technique. "I just try to make the situation as real as possible," the actress said about psyching herself up for the scarier scenes. "I put myself in my character's shoes and experience what she's experiencing as she's experiencing it."

Sustaining injuries to put on a thrilling performance? Now that's dedication to your craft, Crushers.

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