Taylor Schilling: We're Obsessing Over 'The Lucky One' Star In This Week's Girl Crush

If we didn't like Taylor Schilling so much we'd hate her. After all, the young starlet gets to lock lips (and more!) with dreamy, dreamy Zac Efron in this week's romantic drama "The Lucky One." In the film, Zac plays Marine Logan Thibault, who finds a photo of a young woman amidst the rubble of war-torn Iraq—a photo that ends up saving his life. Once he returns stateside, he goes on a journey to find that girl. Swoon-worthy, right?

It's no surprise we've been nursing a crush on Zac since his days at East High, but we're officially going on record with our feelings about his co-star Taylor and naming her this week's Girl Crush!

In exchange for the honor, we asked Taylor to dish up her own Girl Crush. "I have a Girl Crush on Kristen Wiig big time," Taylor admitted. "Kristen Wiig is my numero uno Girl Crush."

"We tried to get her to do this movie with me," Zac jokingly interjected.

"They were stuck with me!" Taylor exclaimed.

"You're my Girl Crush," Zac said, a little confused. "I mean, yes. I have a crush on you. What is that?"

"And I'm a girl, so it works."

"It's a Guy Crush."

We'll just leave it at that.

Are you excited to see "The Lucky One" this weekend? Do you have a Girl Crush on Taylor Schilling? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!