How I Met My Hollywood Crush: James Franco

Let's be honest, we all have a Hollywood Crush—a cutie whose sheer existence inspires countless fever dreams and inestimable hours of Google Image gawking. For a lucky few, those fantasies become reality when faced with said real life. Welcome to How I Met My Hollywood Crush, in which readers recall the time they rubbed elbows with their special celebrity someone!

Brittany Michael writes about her lucky encounter with actor, writer, artist and student (is there anything he can't do?) James Franco, with a bonus mention of Dave Franco!

I had three objectives for the summer of 2007: lose 10 pounds, get my drivers license and meet James Franco. I started with the most reasonable.

I would never tell James the film that started my obsession. A movie that caused him to "groan and puts his head on the table" in an interview for BlackBook magazine. But there was something about the way he brought his character to life in Tristan & Isolde that made me want to see more of him. In person. You know, just in case I was missing something on my TV screen.

Lucky for me, his film "Good Time Max" was premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival. Not that I live in or near New York City, but those were minor details.

My luck continued on the day of the premiere when I found myself in an influx of Francos leaving the theater. I exited behind Mr. and Mrs. Franco. His brother Tom wasn't far behind. And Dave Franco, who introduced himself as "Davy," stopped to tell us about a little film called "Superbad" he was working on. James was pulled in a million different directions. When I finally found myself in close proximity, I must have said something, because suddenly I was pulled into a picture with not only James Franco, Tristan of Aragon, actor, director, writer, but also Mitzie Verne, his proud grandmother. "Make sure you get grandma in," James laughed.

I was pleased to find my Hollywood Crush was down to earth, funny, and looked just as good in a suit as he does in chainmail.

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