Meet The 'Girls': Zosia Mamet

All week, we've been introducing you to the girls behind "Girls" — the four fresh faces from HBO's new series, which debuts Sunday. There's writer-director-actress Lena Dunham, who stars as plucky protagonist Hannah; Allison Williams, who plays slightly uptight Marnie; and Jemima Kirke, who portrays wild child Jessa. Today, Zosia Mamet, who you'll come to know as dewy-eyed, "Sex and the City"-loving college student Shoshanna, takes the spotlight.

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Who she is: If Zosia's last name sounds familiar it's because she's the daughter of playwright and director David Mamet and Oscar-nominated actress Lindsay Crouse. The 24-year-old admitted to Paper Mag recently that school wasn't really her thing, so she eschewed college for acting.

What she's done: Zosia has a number of TV credits to her name, including "United States of Tara," "Parenthood" and most recently "Mad Men," where she played Peggy's lesbian friend Joyce. You may also recognize her from the Oscar-nominated film "The Kids Are All Right."

Shoshanna according to Zosia: "She's the one bringing up the rear of the pack. She gets kind of distracted by the butterflies. She's trying desperately hard to be cool."

Click on the video above to hear from the four girls of "Girls"!