Celebrity Book Club: Lauren Conrad's Reading 'Catching Fire'

Plate those lemon squares and grab your Kindle because we are calling the inaugural meeting of Hollywood Crush's Celebrity Book Club to order. Welcome to our new lit-focused feature, where each week or so we'll politely hound your favorite stars for the contents of their reading lists. (Note: This is a no-judgment zone—all books are accepted!)

What better way to kick off our premiere post than with a young author herself: Miss Lauren Conrad? We caught up with the former "Hills" star recently while she toured the country to promote her brand-new novel "The Fame Game."

So what book is tucked into LC's carry-on?

"The book that I'm currently reading is the second 'Hunger Games' book, which is so unoriginal. I'm sure everyone on Earth is reading that right now because of the movie," she said. "The author does such a good job telling the story. It just sucks you in."

Yes, we know a little something about that phenomenon, Lauren.

Do we even have to ask if you've read "Catching Fire"? Which celeb's reading list are you dying to peek? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!