One Direction Offers Up Song Suggestions For 'Glee'

Word on the street is Brit boy banders and the world's newest obsession, One Direction, might get covered on "Glee." Now, nothing is set in stone just yet, but given how sunny and fun their songs are, they might be the perfect choice for New Directions (so many directions!) to put their glee-ful spin on.

"We’re not sure. We haven’t really heard, so we know as much as you,” the floppy haired Harry Styles confessed to MTV News recently. “We’re just waiting to find out, well, so, maybe.”

The guys’ advice for what song should be covered on the show, if it should ever happen? Well, their tracks, “One Thing” or the increasingly ubiquitous single, “What Makes You Beautiful,” obviously.

If they are looking for any advice on what it feels like to get covered on the Fox musical series, they should look no further than fellow boy banders, The Wanted, who had their hit “Glad You Came” covered on the show earlier this season. "I couldn't even believe it,” The Wanted’s Tom Parker said about the distinction. “It's an honor really to do something like that. I think it represents [that] the song's a really good song. To be honest, it's all a bit surreal."

Well, “Glee,” now that you’ve featured The Wanted, don’t you think it’s One Direction’s turn? Cause we kind of do.

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