Alden Ehrenreich To Replace Jack O'Connell In 'Beautiful Creatures'

Alden EhrenreichWe previously reported that Jack O'Connell was cast as Ethan Wate in the movie adaptation of the supernatural novel "Beautiful Creatures." And while we were excited to see the English actor take on a Southern accent for the role, he unfortunately won't have the opportunity.

The novel's authors, Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, wrote on their blog that "due to a scheduling conflict, Jack will be unable to play the role of Ethan." Before we could even ask, "What?! Who'll replace him?!" they announced that the part will be taken over by Alden Ehrenreich!

Kami and Margaret went on to write: "Ethan Wate himself would love that Alden goes to NYU—who knows, maybe Link and Ethan and Alden have all ridden in a subway car together? And since Alden’s last project was with Francis Ford Coppola, we are lucky to have him. But most of all—look at that face! Lena will love him!"

Honestly, that was our first reaction. Seriously, Alden already has us swooning.

His resume includes stints on "CSI" and "Supernatural," and in 2013 he's starring in "Running Wild" with "Hunger Games" District 1 tribute Marvel, Jack Quaid. But right now, it looks like "Beautiful Creatures" will be Alden's break-out performance. Congratulations, Alden!

What do you think of the casting change? Are you sad to see Jack go? Are you excited to learn more about Alden? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!