Lauren Conrad's Cute Socks Take Flight

This month Lauren Conrad is flying all across America in support of her latest novel, "The Fame Game." You'd think all that time in the air would get seriously boring, but not for Lauren. The reality TV starlet is doing something we all love with her spare time—shopping!

Lucky for her, she can shop in the comfort of her cozy, neon polka-dot socks. If only we could venture out to our local mall in a pair without getting dirty looks (thank goodness for online shopping!). What do you think LC bought?

Some home décor, perhaps? Maybe a Yankees replica stadium for a friend or an orthopedic doggie couch for her pup? Sky Mall quite literally sells everything. Maybe Lauren will tweet her purchase later today. We can only hope for it in our Tweet Dreams!

Are you going to see LC on one of her book tour stops? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!