'Glee' Recap: 'Big Brother'

Shake off those cobwebs, "Glee" fans! After seven whole weeks of hiatus, the song and dance machine is back, and things are a little different.

First off, the blessed nuptials of Finn and Rachel did not take place thanks to Quinn's driving-while-texting accident.

Oh, did you forget about Quinn's driving-while-texting accident? Well, Quinn remembered it well, and it gave her a new lease on life. She didn't want the chair to affect her, calling her first day back at school "the happiest of her life." She was so happy, in fact, that she broke out with Elton John's "I'm Still Standing" with Artie. And good news, guys: Quinn said she's determined to be out of the chair by nationals, which looked like it hurt Artie.

You definitely get the feeling that Quinn is trying to convince herself of something. Artie was definitely catching on to that, but Quinn insisted she wasn't like him. Harsh, dude.

Nene Leakes showed up again as Coach Roz Washington to steal half of the good lines from Sue. Figgins made Roz co-captain of the Cheerios because Sue was late for regionals. Sue wasn't exactly doing cartwheels about the news, so she struck a deal with the principal. If she leads the New Directions to a national championship, she gets to keep her job as the only coach, but she failed to explain how the two were actually related.

The big news in Lima this week was that Blaine's famous brother, Cooper Anderson, had returned to his hometown. Blaine has "refused to talk about" his brother, so that's why we've never heard of him before. But we should have because he does commercials for one of those free credit score websites. Also, he was played by Matt Bomer, so there's that.

If it wasn't bad enough for Quinn being in a wheel chair and all, Rachel started blaming herself for the accident while everyone was supposed to be planning their activity for senior ditch day. The group decided that they were all going to go to Six Flags, and Quinn decided she was up for the challenge. As a training exercise, Artie had Quinn climb the steepest ramp in Lima. The scene actually looked like it was fun to film, which I'm sure had to be a welcomed change of pace after all those dance numbers!

Unlike his hands, Blaine wasn't so jazzed about his brother showing up. It turned out that Cooper Anderson was kind of a jerk. His master class in acting involved tried and true acting techniques like the seriousness of pointing and the uselessness of college. He had New Directions act out a scene from "NCIS," the episode's funniest scene. I would have paid for an hour-long "NCIS" table read with Finn and Rachel.

But it wasn't all fun and murder victims in dresses. Cooper came down hard on Blaine, who reacted by singing Christina Aguilera in the shower, which was an obvious bit of fan service. (Save your swoons for the comments.) Cooper has always been critical of Blaine, so this was all just a reminder of that.

There was a silly plotline that involved Puck pitching his California-based pool cleaning business to Finn, who started questioning everything he planned with Rachel as a result. It's getting hard to side with Rachel anymore. Here again, she suggested that Finn continue to be a do-nothing while she followed her dream. Even if Finn's dream is stupid—which it is—at least it would involve him actually doing something. The episode ended with a lot of questions unanswered about the future of Finchel.

Sue's pregnancy from the previous episode came back in the form of a doctor visit. Emma and Schue didn't want Sue to go alone to find out the sex of her child. The mommy-to-be got the good news she was expecting (a girl!), but the doctor also informed her of some "irregularities." It was left at that, but later in the episode, Sue told Becky that the baby would be "just like" her, hinting that she may have Down's.

Instead of heading off to Six Flags with the rest of the group, Artie and Quinn went to a skate park for the handicapped. It was a sweet montage set to "Up Up Up," but it ended on a down note. Artie confronted Quinn about her condition, but she refused to listen. It will be interesting to see where this storyline heads, but someone should probably tell Quinn that Yale is handicap accessible. She can still go there.

The final number of the episode was a cover of Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know" sung by Blaine and Cooper. It was kind of epic, and they stood facing each other at really dramatic angles. By the end of it all, the brothers had made up and decided to get Cooper a role in "Transformers 4," which I guess is a happy ending?

Download or Ditch

"I'm Still Standing" – Download

We'll forgive the obvious pun, because nothing beats an Elton John cover.

"Hungry Like the Wolf/Rio" – Download

On paper it may not have seemed like the best idea, but honestly, it kind of rocked.

"Fighter" – Ditch

We appreciate the effort Darren, but leave this one to Xtina.

"Up Up Up" – Ditch

The most forgettable song of the hour is best left forgotten.

"Somebody That I Used to Know" – Download

Take a break from singing the Gotye version falsetto in the shower for one second to download this worthy cover.

What did you think of last night's return of "Glee"? Will Quinn walk again? Should Finchel really tie the knot? How did you like guest star Matt Bomer? Tell us everything in the comments and on Twitter!

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