'The Host' Poster First Look -- Plus Send Us Your Cast Questions!

Psssssst! Hey, you guys! Ask us what we're doing this Friday.

No, really, just ask us.

Hmm? What's that? Oh, y'know, nothing much. Just making a visit to the set of "The Host" and putting your Twitter-submitted questions to Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons, and YA celebrity Stephenie Meyer herself! Oh, and what's this in our pocket? Hey, look at that: It's the EXCLUSIVE FIRST EVER teaser poster for the movie! Yep! Just a typical, totally average day at the officeeeeeeeeeeaaaaahhhh OHMIGOD THE EXCITEMENT WE CANNOT STAND IT.

Yep, you read correctly: This Friday, MTV News will be headed to the seeeeecret secret location where alien parasite love story "The Host" is being filmed, where we'll be delivering an exclusive behind-the-scenes missive from the set of this hotly anticipated sci-fi romance. And while we're there, we'll be chatting it up with Saoirse, Max and Stephenie—getting all the dirty details about how production is going so far, and asking them all your most burning-est questions about the film! Which means that now is your moment to run—RUN!—in the direction of Twitter, and tell us what you want to know using the @mtvnews handle and #MTVHost hashtag!

...Oh, but then come right back, because here comes our exclusive look at the first movie poster. And get ready to be amazed, because there's a glowing eyeball and ominous message involved! And between all the exclusive goodies coming our way from the studio, plus the hotly anticipated performance of the uber-talented Saoirse in the host/parasite dual role, plus Max Irons and his glorious cheekbones, the fact that "The Host" isn't coming out for nearly a year will not deter us—or you—from being so excited for this movie that every time we think about it, we make a tiny squealing noise.


What would you ask Stephenie and the stars of "The Host"?

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