'SNL' Mocks The Mockingjay In 'Hunger Games' Sketch

With "The Hunger Games" going on its third week as the No. 1 movie in the country, it was only a matter of time before the send-ups started—and this weekend, the "Saturday Night Live" team offered up their own delightfully original take on the dystopian drama. And if you didn't think it was possible to wring any humor out of such a dark and destructive story...well, you must not have seen host Sofia Vergara dressed up as a pink-haired Capitol newsperson and shouting, "FUN-GER GAAAAAMES!!!" because it's actually kind of hilarious.

Also, Bill Hader makes an excellent Caesar Flickerman.

The sketch features Sofia as a sideline reporter in the arena, where her distracting questions result in multiple homicides until Katniss (Abby Elliott) dispatches her with a handful of Death Berries. Also, someone who may or may not be Peeta In Camouflage expires when a sponsor's parachute ends up containing Uncrustables instead of a life-saving medication. Which totally happened in the movie, by the way. No, really, there were Uncrustables! You just missed it because you were still busy crying over the tragic death of Rue.

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