Peep Blake Lively, Taylor Kitsch In EXCLUSIVE 'Savages' Trailer

Have you been eagerly awaiting the first-ever peek at Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson in the upcoming action flick, "Savages," where the two studly dudes play a pair of highly educated drug dealers on a mission to save their shared girlfriend from a grisly death? Well, guess who's your new best friend! (HINT: IT'S US.)

Yep, we've got it: the first and EXCLUSIVE trailer for this explosive, bullet-riddled, extravagantly ass-kicking movie starring two serious hotties, one beautiful blonde and a deliciously evil Salma Hayek. And we recommend you watch it with plenty of padding and at least two safety restraints, because this is the kind of action-packed awesomeness that could make even the most staid viewer want to defenestrate herself.

Meet O (Blake Lively), the lady love of the two brilliant men whose business is, er, growing quite nicely: Ben, the botanist, and Chon, the muscle. O, narrating the trailer, warns us that she may actually be telling this story from beyond the grave (what? okay!), but for now the three of them exist happily in a menage a trois...that is, until the menfolk politely refuse to merge their business with a violent cartel from Mexico. Their comeuppance? A brutal kidnapping, a violent showdown, a whole lot of shooting and at least one instance of Benicio Del Toro putting his enormous gangster-face waaaay too close to Blake Lively's mouth for anyone's comfort. Also, scary masks!

But what of O? Is she dead, or what? We'd like to assume that Ben and Chon will rescue their distressed damsel in a hail of gunfire and then ride off into the sunset in an El Camino (although from the looks of it, she's doing a pretty decent job of thrashing the bad guys on her own), but only time will tell how this story ends: "Savages" doesn't hit theaters until July 6. So in the meantime, let's all watch this exclusive sneak peek at the film on a continuous loop, and also have a serious intellectual discussion about how good Taylor Kitsch looks as a bandit, because daaaang.

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