Taylor Lautner's Transition To Comedy: Why It Will Work

We're used to seeing Taylor Lautner play our favorite buff werewolf in "The Twilight Saga," ripping apart evil vampires and snarling at Edward. Even his role as lead actor in "Abduction" found him knocking out the bad guys with a few roundhouse kicks. But it looks like Taylor is ready to try his hand at comedy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Taylor is set to make an appearance in Adam Sandler's "Grown Ups 2." He'll play a key "fun" role where he takes on Adam's character. Details are still being finalized, but skeptics who doubt the star's ability to make an audience laugh needn't worry. Taylor's proved himself before and we've gathered three reasons why the actor will make a successful transition into comedy.

He's willing to make fun of himself

In 2009, Taylor hosted "Saturday Night Live" and his "Lab Partners" sketch had us laughing uncontrollably. Our Jacob Black played Marianna, a high school girl on Team Edward who's unwilling to pair with a Team Jacob fan on a school project. Taylor not only made out with a Robert Pattinson notebook, but said that Jacob's abs were simply CGI effects. "If those abs were real," he said, "then the dude who played Jacob deserves an Oscar!" Well played, Taylor. Well played.

He's confident

Taylor also starred in a Funny or Die video called "Field of Dreams 2: NFL Lockout." In the comedic short, he played an Iowa farmer who, upon hearing the command from voices in his head, built a football field in the middle of his corn fields. "If you build it, they will come," the creepy voice said. And come the NFL players did. Many stars are hesitant to play up their comedy roles and let the other actors take the spotlight, but not Taylor. He stands tall and isn't overshadowed by his co-stars. This confidence means he'll embrace his role in "Grown Ups 2" and not stand back in the shadows leaving us wondering why he was cast.

He's multi-dimensional

Taylor also appeared in the opening sketch of the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. Tom Cruise played Les Grossman, the foul-mouthed big-shot Hollywood producer who wants to cast Taylor and RPattz as bad-ass cops. The duo donned aviator sunglasses and handlebar mustaches as Taylor cracked a whip and Rob lit everything around them on fire. His ability to be handed any type of character and own the role is quite a talent. Taylor's willingness to step out on a new path will no doubt leave skeptics surprised by how many times he makes them laugh.

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