5 Most Shocking 'One Tree Hill' Moments

Tonight we say goodbye to The CW dynasty known as "One Tree Hill." With nine seasons to its name, the show wraps for good with a two-hour series finale at 8/7 C.

It's been a long journey for Lucas and Nathan Scott, the two brothers from North Carolina. They started out as enemies and found a common bond through their love of Haley James (platonic for Lucas and true love for Nathan). They survived a school shooting, Coach Durham dropping them off in the middle of nowhere and more relationship troubles than we care to count.

They witnessed the rise and fall of their dreams as Lucas was left at the alter and Nathan was confined to a wheelchair in the middle of his NBA career. We laughed along to Nathan's and Mouth McFadden's strip tease at ladies' night and cried with Brooke Davis when she found out she couldn't have children.

But nothing prepared us for the moments on "One Tree Hill" that would leave us gasping in horror. As we say goodbye to the characters who've felt like our friends for years, we take a look back at the shocking moments that kept our wide eyes glued to the screen.

Lucas saving Dan

To say that Dan Scott wasn't a good father is an understatement. He abandoned Lucas and pressured Nathan to the point of hospitalization. Deb Scott, his wife, finally had enough and attempted to murder him by poisoning him and lighting his office on fire. Unfortunately, for those of us who hated Dan (isn't that everyone?), he was rescued by a mysterious person. It turns out it was Lucas, who had every reason to leave him in the burning building.

Dan murdering Keith

A bullied and tortured Jimmy Edwards pulled out a gun in Tree Hill High's hallway as students made their way to class. As the school entered lock-down mode, Keith Scott, uncle to Lucas and Nathan, went in to try and talk Jimmy into surrendering. After a conversation, Jimmy felt hopeless and turned the gun on himself. What we weren't prepared for was Dan entering the school, picking up the gun and murdering his younger brother, Keith. We haven't forgiven him since.

Psycho Derek

Peyton Sawyer was thrilled when her long-lost brother, Derek, contacted her and said he thought they should meet. Lucas became suspicious once he noticed Derek acting strange (who smells their sister's hair with lust in their eyes?). As it turned out, Derek was not her brother but a psychotic stalker named Ian Banks. On the night of prom, Ian attacked Peyton in a scene that involved a bloody chase around her house. With the help of her BFF Brooke, Peyton survived the attack, and Ian was pushed out of a second-story window. To our dismay, he survived.

Pregnant Haley hit by a car

Following Nathan's state championship game, Haley noticed a car about to hit Nathan. She pushed him out of the way, taking the hit herself. We understood her bravery and willingness to save Nathan, but she was pregnant! To add to Nathan's guilt, the car's driver was Daunte Jones, a loan shark Nathan owed money. Thankfully, Haley didn't lose the baby.

Brooke and Jamie trapped

As a massive storm hit Tree Hill, Brooke stumbled upon an overturned car that held her godson Jamie, his two friends and their elementary school teacher. Brooke managed to get the teacher and the other two children out, but Jamie was stuck. As Brooke's boyfriend, Julian Baker, arrived, another car came along and hit the car Brooke and Jamie were in, causing it to fall off the bridge and into a river. To make us clutch our pillows even harder, the levy broke and Brooke almost drowned. Luckily, Julian had the strength of 10,000 men and broke her and Jamie free.

Are you sad to say goodbye to "One Tree Hill"? Which moments did you think were the craziest? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!