'Bel Ami' Trailer: A Hint Of 'Twilight'?

We don't know about you, but we're having a hard time waiting until November's "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" release to see more of our favorite vampire, Edward Cullen. Luckily, Robert Pattinson is still on the movie scene with the debut of the American trailer for his film "Bel Ami."

The movie centers around George Duroy, a penniless soldier who climbs to the top of the French social ladder by seducing the wives of Paris' most influential men. While we know RPattz is taking different roles to separate himself from "Twilight"—running away with the circus is not something we picture Edward doing—we couldn't help but notice four scenes in the trailer that immediately reminded us of the sullen vampire. You might think we just miss him so much it's taking over our brains, but take one look at our comparisons and we think you'll agree: That's definitely Edward.

Creeping in the shadows

Confused by his inability to hear Bella's thoughts, Edward keeps an eye on her every move by watching from the shadows. He even starts climbing into her bedroom every night to watch her sleep. In the "Bel Ami" trailer, Rob's character watches Paris' elite wine and dine as he looks in through the window. Both characters want something they don't have and watch it intently until it's in their grasp.

The hair

"Bel Ami" takes place in the 18th century, which means Rob's hair—while not as high—is still as perfectly coiffed as ever. The one scene that stood out was when George takes his hand and runs it through his hair. A trademark Robert Pattinson move.


On the eve of her birthday, Bella has a dream where she thinks she's introducing Edward to her grandmother when she is actually staring at her own reflection. Throughout the "Twilight" movies, until Bella and Edward finally say "I do," Edward constantly second guesses their relationship. He sees himself as a monster who can only bring harm to Bella, while she tries to convince him that he has a soul. There is one scene in the "Bel Ami" trailer that shows George looking at his reflection. As an amoral character, we can only guess that he's evaluating his life and the person he's become.

(Don't) step into the light

In order to get the attention and wrath of the Volturi in "New Moon," Edward attempts to reveal his sparkly skin to the citizens of Italy when he steps into the sun in the town square. Before he can make his move, however, Bella hurls herself at him, pushing him back into the darkness. In the final scene of the "Bel Ami" trailer, George steps out of a darkened building and into the light of day. His face is not as pained as Edward's, in fact, he looks optimistic. George is known for his manipulation, so while we want Edward to keep to the shadows, we're hoping George's step into the light means redemption for the character.

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