Taylor Kitsch Talks Singing Career: 'Never Say Never'

You are, in fact, not dreaming. That is an actual Taylor Kitsch quote that made our little hearts skip a beat. We could already listen to him talk 24/7 with that deep voice of his, but singing? Excuse us while we sit down.

The comment was in reference to his "Battleship" co-star Rihanna, who took a break from pop music to delve into the world of acting. Would Taylor make the reverse career change? "I wish I could, absolutely. You know the feeling where a song, like Eddie Vedder does this for me a lot, you just get pulled into it." We're pretty sure you'd need a giant crane to pull us out of any music Taylor created.

For those of you unfamiliar with Eddie Vedder, he's the lead singer of Pearl Jam. And if you don't listen to their music, you better brush up on your knowledge! When our MTV News correspondent compared Taylor to the singer, Taylor said, "Wow, that's flattering 'cause he's no joke. I love him."

But back to what we really care about: Taylor crooning into a mic on stage while we stand happily in the front row. Could it happen? "Never say never. I'm not going to say I'm going to be like Rihanna or anything, but if I was to play a musician, maybe through my acting, I'll play one."

You'll get to see the hunky Taylor Kitsch in "Battleship" when it opens May 18.

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