Lauren Conrad Poses Topless For Glamour, Talks 'Fame Game'

As the erstwhile sweetheart of "The Hills," Lauren Conrad seemed to have a knack for getting caught in the middle of drama—despite rarely being the cause of it. Now she's turning the tables: In her new book, "The Fame Game," LC writes from the perspective of the bad girl. Her inspiration? The people she knows in Hollywood who love to create controversy.

"I knew people who called the paparazzi on themselves! Their point of view is, 'They're going to photograph me anyway, and this way I get paid half of what they make.' I could never bring myself to do it, but it was kind of fun to write from that point of view," Lauren told Glamour for their May issue.

Clad in little more than a bikini bottom for the magazine's cover, Lauren not only bares her body, but reveals the after effects of life as a reality TV starlet—like nit-picking the production value of other series. "I'm always so bad about continuity errors, or all the little tricks they do; they cut and paste together these voiceovers," she explained. And while there's a certain amount of negative feedback towards the genre, Lauren understands the challenges of those working behind the scenes to create a hit. "...You have to know that these poor editors have to make something out of nothing sometimes, because so much money goes into every shot."

Just like a show has to prove itself entertaining to gain an audience, Lauren feels she has to prove her talent in order to combat critics saying she's "famous for doing nothing."

"I almost wanted to send critics my weekly schedule and say, 'This is my 'nothing.' I would film all day, and then I had several other businesses on the side: In the last season I was running a clothing line and writing a novel. I work really, really hard."

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