'The Hunger Games Adventures' Facebook Game: We Take A Trip To Panem

by Fallon Prinzivalli

When I was initially offered the opportunity to try the beta version of "The Hunger Games Adventures," I was hesitant for a few reasons. First, I ignore every friend request to play Facebook games, and I am notoriously awful at digital games in general (too many buttons to push at the same time). Second, I don't want to kill anyone! I refuse to relive Rue's death. But at the prospect of saving Rue, I became a little more intrigued. When I learned that the game doesn't actually involve killing children, I was sold.

Your "Hunger Games" adventure begins with creating your own character. You can change the face shape, the hair color and style him or her in a number of different outfits. Then, it's off to District 12! But don't worry, Katniss is there to show you around. You can trap game using snares, trade the meat with Peeta, distract Peacekeepers and go hunting with Gale, but beware of the Vulture Mutants. You can banish them with your bow and arrow—Katniss totally complimented my skills.

Luckily, for those of you—like me—who can't figure out what buttons to press when in computer games, all you need is the click or hover of your mouse. New quests continually pop up in the left-hand corner of your screen immediately after you complete one, which keeps the game moving along and provides you with direction. Whenever you feel like you're ready for a rest, you head back to your Forest Escape. You can make it your own home in the middle of the woods by planting flowers, building a shelter, and once your friends start playing the game, you can invite them to join you there.

Lionsgate and Funtactix collaborated on the game in partnership with Suzanne Collins herself, which means from character dialogue to iconic locations such as The Bakery and The Hob, the game stays true to the story we love.

"This is what this game is all about. It's using Facebook as a story-telling tool. You play as yourself. You create your own hero in this world," says Funtactix CEO Sam Glassenberg as he walked me through the demo.

The biggest thing the game has going for it, aside from the fact that it's fun and entertaining, is that these Gamemakers are on our side. They put the fans first, opening up the beta version to 100,000 "Hunger Games" enthusiasts while taking fan feedback into account along the way.

The game gives players a new, unique perspective into the world of Panem. You are a key player in the story. In a culture where escapism is the norm and everybody loves pretending to be someone new, the role-play game should fare well with the Facebook crowd. The only downside I currently see is if you're far more advanced at games than I am, the click of a mouse and step-by-step instructions might be too simple.

But with new items and content being added to the game every week, such as exclusive movie clips, we have no doubt the game will continue to get even better in the weeks to come. And once the game releases the first ever map of Panem (Sam says it's coming soon!), you'll be able to travel from district to district and even see the Capitol. Although, I'm a lot more excited at the prospect of meeting shirtless Finnick.

"The Hunger Games Adventures" opened to all users today, so be sure to get your Games on!

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