'Catching Fire': Who Should Play Johanna Mason?

by Fallon Prinzivalli

"The Hunger Games" sequel, "Catching Fire," won't be released until November 22, 2013 (why are they torturing us?), but eager fans are already imagining who should play characters like Finnick Odair—us included. Finnick is clearly the fan favorite, but what about District 7's Johanna Mason? She plays an equally important role in the second novel as well.

As Katniss Everdeen returns to District 12 to the warm embrace of her family and neighbors, the Capitol proves to be not as welcoming. Continually walking a thin line between disagreeing with their ruling methods and keeping her friends and family safe, Katniss—and the reader—are introduced to an army of new characters in an unexpected twist. The most "pure" of them, as Peeta calls her, is Johanna, which brings us back to the Hollywood Crush Casting Couch. Read after the jump to see our picks!

Katie McGrath

Confession: Katie McGrath is my No. 1 girl crush. I absolutely adore everything about her. For those of you unfamiliar with the book, the character of Johanna has some sass to her. At one point in the novel she has a conversation with Peeta where she's naked—aside from a pair of slippers. She also has a "wicked ability to murder," as Katniss says, so while she may be pure, she's also strong. Katie plays Morgana on BBC's "Merlin," and for those of you familiar with the Arthurian legend, Morgana goes from a soft ally to a wicked sorcerer. Katie has proven her abilities to play both a caring friend and powerful female lead.

Naya Rivera

When I first read "Hunger Games" fan posts citing the "Glee" star as their pick for Johanna, I was a bit hesitant to jump on board. But the more her character, Santana, develops on the FOX musical series, the more I like her for the role. As an actor, Naya has both the unreserved confidence and the lovable personality for the part.

Kat Dennings

The "2 Broke Girls" star is witty and cunning. While she may be known for her comedy, she has a depth to her that is needed for the role of Johanna. She also makes her roles relatable. This is an important aspect for Johanna because of certain events that happen later in the novel that will greatly enhance the development of her character. So while my No. 1 pick still stands as Katie McGrath, I would be very happy if Kat got the role.