Lily Collins And Kristen Stewart: What This Year's Snow Whites Have In Common

With "Mirror Mirror out in theaters tomorrow, pop culturalists everywhere are taking great pains to make the distinction between this Snow White movie, which is funny and family-friendly and full of slapstick hijinks, and that other Snow White movie, which is gothic and ghastly and full of scary black birds made of EVIL. (How stiff is the competition? So stiff that Armie Hammer challenged the other film to a duel for Rotten Tomatoes rankings right out in public.)

But there's one thing that these two movies do share: the black-haired, pale-skinned princess around whom the whole story revolves. And while the two Snow Whites themselves aren't exactly alike, the actresses playing them have so much in common that it's downright uncanny! Which is why today, we're bucking the "OMG SO DIFFERENT" trend with a list about all the ways that Lily Collins and Kristen Stewart are practically the same person.

Hollywood roots!

Kristen's mother is a director and screenwriter; Lily's dad is, y'know, musician Phil Collins. Which is to say, both these ladies have had the Hollywood bug in their blood since birth.

The Lautner connection!

Between "The Twilight Saga" and last year's "Abduction," both Kristen and Lily have enjoyed the privilege of bumping up against Taylor Lautner's chiseled physique...(mostly) professionally speaking, of course.

Hidden talents!

Acting isn't all these Snow Whites are good at! Kristen is known off-set for her wicked culinary skills, while Lily has a journalistic streak.

A brush with Oscar!

Both gals have had the privilege of playing opposite some seriously high-class co-stars in their early careers: Lily with Sandra Bullock during the actress's Oscar-winning performance in "The Blind Side," and Kristen as Jodie Foster's daughter in the thriller "Panic Room".

And finally...

They share a brain!

How else can you explain the fact that Lily and Kristen are not only both playing Snow White in their respective films this year, but that Lily actually went out first for the lead role in "Snow White and the Huntsman"? Clearly, there's a psychic connection at work that we will never fully understand.

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