'Glee' First Look: Matt Bomer Visits McKinley High

by Fallon Prinzivalli

Blaine's Hollywood actor brother is coming to McKinley, Gleeks! Played by the swoon-worthy Matt Bomer, Cooper Anderson (heh!) not only teaches New Directions some valuable acting skills, but sings for them as well. And here's your first look at the dreamy "White Collar" star in action!

The Anderson brothers will cover a song by Duran Duran during the spring premiere episode, "Big Brother." Though we're told that's a band our parents loved, we're sure fans will flock to iTunes to download the cover immediately after the episode.

Meanwhile, the seniors of our beloved glee club look ahead to graduation—and senior skip day! One preview photo shows Puck, Brittany, Santana, Mike and Sugar Motta running through an amusement park. It looks like they're running in celebration, not away from park security because they're supposed to be in school. Whew. We're not sure Puck's record can handle him getting into trouble again.

We're hoping the episode at least teases what's up next for the graduating characters, but the one thing we know for certain is big musical numbers are sure to be in store.

"Glee" returns from its hiatus on Tuesday, April 10.

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