'Mirror Mirror' Star Lily Collins Says Snow White Is No Damsel In Distress

If you've been wondering just what the psychological dealio is with the leading ladies of "Mirror Mirror," then here's a video you'll need to see: Julia Roberts and Lily Collins, who play, respectively, the Evil Queen and the Pretty Princess in the latest cinematic derivative of "Snow White," sat down with MTV News to discuss the intricate inner lives of their characters. And with surprising results!

First off, says Julia, the Evil Queen is hardly a villain. In fact, she's not even Evil! At all!

"I think she's deeply misunderstood," the actress insisted. "And I think she is correct in her ambition and drive and desire and focus to annihilate Snow White. And I don't think there's anything wrong with that."

...Oh, wait, no: it's not that the Queen isn't evil. It's that Julia Roberts is a beautiful psychopath. (Not that we don't still love her!)

But Julia isn't the only one who feels that the ladies of "Mirror Mirror" aren't entirely what they seem on the surface; Lily chimed in with similar thoughts on her character's complexity as compared with the fairytale version.

"I love that Snow White is not just this damsel in distress, waiting to be saved," she explained. "She really becomes a fighter, emotionally and physically."

Which, she said, made the process of playing the role a whole lot more fun: "I got to swordfight and fence and wrestle and do all these things you don't normally associate with a princess."

Psh. Clearly Lily has never watched the PBS special about the centuries-old tradition of Royal Cagefighting at Buckingham Palace, in which the Queen referees a no-holds-barred throwdown between various titled ladies until only one princess is left standing! But we're psyched to see her flex her muscles in this fairytale flick all the same.

Do you think the ladies of "Mirror Mirror" are just misunderstood?