'Before I Fall' Movie Has Its Director

Ever since word came down of the movie rights being optioned for Lauren Oliver's "Before I Fall," fans have been waiting impatiently for the adaptation that'll let us watch the supernatural time-glitchy unraveling of high school meanie Samantha Kingston on the big screen (not to mention for a "day on repeat" movie that doesn't revolve around a sun-phobic subterranean rodent).

And now, The Hollywood Reporter has word that a helmer is nearly on board: director Gina Prince-Blythewood is circling the script of this hotly anticipated take on one of our favorite YA books.

This is the first big news on a "Before I Fall" movie in more than a year, but don't be looking for casting announcements or behind-the-scenes gossip just yet: Gina, who also helmed "The Secret Life of Bees," is still in negotiations to direct the adaptation, and word has it that she's eyeing a rewrite of the script before things can move forward. But it's still great news for a deal that seemed like it might've been lost somewhere in the Hollywood machine—and a good reason for us to reopen the debate on which up-and-coming actress can handle the difficult role of the thoroughly hateable (but ultimately redeemed) Samantha. Could one of our crop of New Class favorites be poised to take the lead?