'Hunger Games' Hangover: 7 Other Dystopian Adaptations In The Works

Audiences sated their appetite for all things bleak this weekend, feasting on the big-screen adaptation of Suzanne Collins' "The Hunger Games" to the tune of $155 million at the box office. And though Katniss and Peeta are leading the dystopian charge, they won't be alone in the Arena forever. Even before the film caught fire with movie-goers, prescient producers had been green-lighting movie and television adaptations based on dark-future books. To wit, here's a list of seven other YA dystopian tales in various stages of production.

Book: "Legend," by Marie Lu

Premise: A teenage twist on "Les Miserables," this Los Angeles-set tale follows military-officer-in-training June as she tracks notorious criminal Day, who's been charged with her brother's murder.

Status: "Twilight" producers Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey optioned the novel in February 2011—long before it even hit bookstore shelves. Wyck has gone on record saying "Legend" will "[blow] the socks off of 'The Hunger Games.'" Um, Wyck, those are some big socks to fill.

Book: "The Selection," Kiera Cass

Premise: Kiera's post-apocalyptic world doesn't sound too different from our own. After all, "The Selection" revolves around a "Bachelor"-style competition for Prince Maxon's affections (and the second seat ruling his war-torn country).

Status: Though "Selection" isn't due until April, The CW is already at work on a television pilot starring "Friday Night Lights" alumna Aimee Teegarden, Ethan Peck and William Moseley.

Book: "Divergent," Veronica Roth

Premise: Society (i.e. dystopian Chicago) is separated into five factions—Abnegation, Erudite, Dauntless, Amity and Candor—one of which each teen must join at the age of 16. When Abnegation-raised Tris selects Dauntless as her faction, she's propelled into a life she never could have imagined.

Status: Summit Entertainment scooped up the film rights a year ago, with "Snow White and the Huntsman" scribe Evan Daugherty signed on to write the screenplay. Casting has yet to begin, but we've got a few actresses in mind for our gutsy heroine.

Book: "Matched," Ally Condie

Premise: Free will is a thing of the past in 17-year-old Cassia's world, where rites of passage (i.e. whom you marry, when you'll die) are dictated by the government. Though Cassia's been matched with neighbor Xander, it's mysterious Ky she's really drawn to.

Status: Disney optioned the rights way back in September 2010. "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows" scribes Michele and Kieran Mulroney are penning the script, while "Rock of Ages" helmer Adam Shankman recently tweeted that his company is producing.

Book: "Eve," Anna Carey

Premise: After a virus wipes out much of the Earth's population, teen Eve is among the survivors sequestered to an all-girls school, where she's been taught to fear boys. But when she discovers her true post-graduate fate, she runs away and into rebellious Caleb, who slowly proves he's a trustworthy friend in an otherwise perilous world.

Status: "Vampire Diaries" producers are working on a television pilot.

Book: "Delirium," Lauren Oliver

Premise: Much like "Matched," "Delirium"'s alternate reality puts strict restrictions on love. In fact, the government so fears the emotion that it's been deemed a disease (amor deliria nervosa). When teens reach their 18th year, they're forced to undergo a lobotomy-like procedure to cure themselves of the affliction. But Lena Haloway isn't going quietly.

Status: Fox 2000 landed the rights in February 2011. Despite sequel "Pandemonium" hitting stores last month, few updates have surfaced regarding the film project. Lauren does say on her blog, however, that the script is "great."

Book: "The Knife of Never Letting Go," Patrick Ness

Premise: Todd Hewitt lives on a distant planet known as New World, where a germ has infected humans, amplifying their thoughts for all to hear. Chaos, predictably, ensues.

Status: Lionsgate could have a second book-based blockbuster on its hands with Patrick's "Chaos Walking" series (though we can only guess the studio's been too consumed with "The Hunger Games" to really get this project off the ground).

Which of these dystopian reads are you excited to see on the big screen? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!