'Hunger Games': 5 Delicious Morsels You Didn't Taste In The Trailer

In an age when movie trailers reveal nearly every plot and punch line long before fans take their seats in the cineplex, Lionsgate took a unique (and much-welcomed) approach to its marketing of "The Hunger Games," relying heavily on pre-Arena material and leaving nearly all of the Games-centric scenes for ticket-holding movie-goers. And with so much unseen footage, there was a veritable feast of new moments to chew on once we savored the finished product. So, in honor of the film's release today, we've hand-picked five of our favorite first looks from the flick. Dig in, but be warned: slightly spoilerish territory ahead...

The control room

With a simple perspective shift—expanding the goings-on of Panem beyond Katniss' first-person viewpoint—director Gary Ross was able to build upon the world Suzanne Collins established in her best-seller. The tastiest addition? Gamemaker Seneca Crane's lair, otherwise known as the control room, where we watch the schemer utilize high-tech gadgetry to make the Tributes' lives a living hell.

The tracker jacker scene

Speaking of the teens' trials and tribulations, Gary told MTV News that this stinging sequence was the most daunting to shoot. And now we see why—with all the tree-top acrobatics and special effects required. But, clearly, it was worth it. (Thought Glimmer might not agree.)

Peeta's camouflage

People magazine gave fans a cool sneak peek of the baker's son showing off his camouflage capabilities before the Games. Without giving too much away, we'll just say those skill plays out in a humorous way later on.

The kiss

You know which one we're talking about...

Katniss' final interview dress

We'd already seen her Reaping duds and Girl on Fire costume (albeit, unlit), but the film finally gave fashionistas their first look at the whimsical yellow frock Katniss wears for her post-Games interview with Caesar Flickerman. And it's something to behold: a fluffy, frilly confection that may have just jumped to the top of our Halloween costume list. You really outdid yourself, Cinna.

If you've seen "The Hunger Games" already, what was your favorite moment not featured in the trailer? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!