'Hunger Games' Famous Fans: We Spot Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield At Midnight Screening!

by Uptin Saiidi

While celebs like Demi Lovato have been pretty vocal about their excitement to see "The Hunger Games," two new star stans were unmasked last night in New York, where we spotted Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone at a midnight screening! The "Amazing Spider-Man" stars arrived 20 minutes before the showing and sat two rows in front of me at a Midtown theater.

Andrew came, presumably, fresh off a performance of his Broadway show "Death of a Salesman," wearing a hooded sweatshirt. And there was no Katniss costume for Emma, as she had on a white beanie. But the couple didn't need to try too hard to go incognito; the crowd was too busy yelling across the theater, "I volunteer!" and getting settled with last-minute popcorn purchases.

Andrew popped out to grab a tub of their own buttered stuff, and minutes later the couple were watching themselves in their upcoming movie, when the trailer for "The Amazing Spider-Man" came on! Andrew seemed a bit fidgety to see himself on an IMAX screen, while Emma kept it pretty chill. Watching yourself on an IMAX screen kiss the girl you're sitting next to...cool? Awkward? Maybe, just awkwardly cool.

Also, Andrew brought a backpack with him, and I couldn't help but wonder if it had the same contents as the "Amazing Spider-Man" backpack sent to MTV News' very own Josh Wigler.

By the end of the movie— just as I was settling into the idea of sitting in a theater with my friendly neighborhood Spider-Man—I was reminded of their celeb status by the speed in which they darted out.

If "The Hunger Games" meets earning expectations this weekend, Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy will be well-acquainted with their box-office competition.

Did you have any celebrity sightings at your midnight "Hunger Games" screening?