Liam Hemsworth Weighs In On Miley Cyrus' 'Hunger Games' Future

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus have been on Hollywood's romantic radar for such a long time that we kinda-sorta thought they'd be one of those couples— you know, the ones who are so super-close that they share EVERYTHING. But nooooooo. Despite their intimate relationship, Liam had not yet allowed his ladylove to see "The Hunger Games" when we spoke to him a few weeks back. Instead, he waited until all the hoopla was out of the way (along with, we're guessing, his own personal anxieties over whether or not his performance sucked), before he relaxed enough to tell her it was okay to check out the film.

"Yeah, she can see it now," he said. "She's excited about it too."

So excited, he said, that she was actually hoping she'd get in early to see it: "She wanted to come the other day, but I didn't allow anyone to come the other day."

But while Liam is willing to share the fruits of his labor with Miley, is he willing to share screen time with her in one of the "Hunger Games" sequels? Josh Horowitz asked him! And Liam's response?

"Who knows?" he laughed.

So, maybe! He's noncommittal! Except he also kind of did a shifty thing with his eyes there (Right? He did! We totally saw it!), which makes us think that this is one franchise that Liam would rather keep to himself...and that if Miley was hoping to score a part in everyone's most-anticipated cinematic trilogy, she's gonna have to do it all by herself. Ooooooh, drama.

Would you want to see Miley Cyrus join her boyfriend in "Catching Fire"?

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