'Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Trailer: An Expert Wish List

For the fandom overlap between Vampire Lovers and Dystopian Diehards, the theatrical release of "The Hunger Games packs an extra dose of excitement: the first trailer for "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" will premiere before the hotly anticipated film. And while, of course, audiences will be mostly excited about watching Katniss, Peeta and the rest of the District tributes hacking each other to pieces and incapacitating each other with hallucinogenic hornet-bombs, there's no question that the "Twilight" fans in the audience will be keeping their fingers crossed for a satisfying preview of the saga's final film.

What are they most excited for? We asked the head honchos of three "Twilight" fansites what they hope to see in the first look. Check out their wishes after the jump!

Bella's first few moments as a vampire

"I was so excited to catch a small glimpse at running Vampire Bella (on the prowl, so to speak) in the sneak peek, and I really hope the first trailer shows us more from the first few moments in her new life. In the book, her first experiences and perceptions were so exciting. I'm especially stoked about the first hunt scene and the first time she looks into a mirror, so if we get to see either of those events, I'll be a happy camper." —Amanda Bell, Twilight Examiner

Renesmee's fast growth

"I'm excited to see anything involving Renesmee since the cast and director have been raving about Mackenzie Foy's performance, but I'm most excited to see how they handle the super-fast growth of from baby to young child. If they do it well, it will be impressive! I'm not sure if we'll see much of the effect in the trailer but it would be a nice surprise." —Kimmy West, His Golden Eyes

The other vamps

For the majority of "The Twilight Saga," the Cullens have been the only vampires around (besides a couple nomads in "Twilight" and, of course, the Volturi). It'll be really interesting to see the tons of vampires that come to Forks in "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" to help the Cullens protect Renesmee. I'm especially looking forward to seeing Lee Pace as Garrett, not to mention some of their crazy powers, like Benjamin's ability to influence the earth's elements." —Amanda Belcher, TwilightMOMS