'Secret Circle' Star Phoebe Tonkin Teases Secret Sibling, Tonight's 'Curse'

by Ryan J. Downey

Brace yourselves, "Secret Circle" devotees: The Secret Sibling will soon be revealed.

Speaking Hollywood Crush by phone, Phoebe Tonkin (a.k.a. resident bad-girl Faye Chamberlain) told us that the biggest question she gets from fans on the street will be answered "in the upcoming couple of episodes." That's right, we won't have to wait until season two in order to find out the identity of Cassie's brother or sister. "[The cast] only found out a couple of weeks ago," Phoebe revealed. "And everyone was really happy with who they chose.

"From that first episode where we realized there was another Blackwell child, we were all always trying to sweet talk the producers," she explained. "'Who is it? Pick me! Pick me!'

'Cause it could have been any of us. But I think who they chose is the right person. And I think how they've done it is really clever."

"The Secret Circle" producers have said that the kids will learn the truth about their parents—presumably including their own magical dalliances, the big fire 16 years ago, the evil plotting that's been going on with Charles and Faye's mother, Dawn—and the cast has been good about keeping a lid on what they know about how it will all unfold.

"They trust us. We haven't had, like, an email saying, 'You can't say this, you can't say that.' I think they kind of just have to trust us that we're going to use our common sense and not tell anyone, Like, 'Yeah, I'll just tweet [who the Secret Sibling is]!'"

Certainly when Faye finds out what her mother (who also happens to be the school principal) has been up to in her quest for power, things could go either way. "Faye could either be really, really mad at her mom for keeping all of these secrets, but then alternately, Faye's not the best one to judge anyway," Phoebe rightly pointed out. "So there's also the chance that Faye could be like, 'Right, you want your own magic back? So do I! So let's team up together.'

"That very well could happen," she added. "That's kind of what I hope happens."

Speaking of all of those Chance Harbor bloodlines, there was a big revelation last week courtesy of Cassie's father, John Blackwell. It seems that the whole "written in the stars" romance between Cassie and Adam isn't so much a blessing as a curse. At the end of the episode, the pair finally consummated their courtship, the consequences of which will be discussed amongst the Circle in tonight's episode with varying reactions from the crew.

"At first we don't really believe them. We're just like, 'We don't care about your personal life.' Especially Diana is just like, 'I don't need to know that,'" Phoebe said. "But it's obviously a real threat."

It's up to Adam and Cassie to figure out how to reverse the curse on their own, because the trio of Faye, Melissa and Diana will be otherwise occupied. Lest we forget, Faye's newly awakened romantic rival, Eva, put a stop to their love triangle by sucking the life out of Lee last week.

"Faye goes looking for Lee and he's not there. Eva tells Faye that he's left town, but Faye doesn't believe her. So she and the other girls—Melissa and Diana—decide to go on this kind of little loose mission to find out where Lee is. And as we all know, Lee is actually dead. But Faye doesn't know that yet. Faye thinks that Eva is hiding him, or that Eva told him something and he left town. And then we find out that Eva is actually crazy psycho and she tries to attack Faye."

The "Fayana" (as we fans love to call it) relationship between Faye and Diana has a very real counterpart in real life between Phoebe and Shelley Hennig. As anyone who follows the pair on Twitter knows, they are often hanging out together. Phoebe has packed a lunch for Diana. They even recently had a "Fayana Day Out."

"I've never gotten along more with three other girls in my life. We are all so close. But Shell and I, we live really close to each other. She and I are so similar. When we're not working, we're taking ballet classes, or we're going out for sushi. We do a lot of the same things. Then the whole 'Fayana' thing just adds to it. Those girls, even when I'm not with them, even when we're not working, we want to hang out together. It's so nice to have that with people that you're working with."

Another close girlfriend Phoebe regularly tweets about just happens to hail from her native Australia and plays a hot supernatural character as well. Claire Holt, better known as Original Vampire badass (and recent Damon Salvatore hookup) Rebekah on "The Vampire Diaries," has been pals with Phoebe since they were teens. "I've known Claire since I was 15," Phoebe said. "She's one of my best friends in the entire world, and we actually live next to each other in L.A. It's always nice when you're close friends are getting work and getting the success that they deserve. With Claire, she is just killing it right now. She's so amazing on 'The Vampire Diaries.' And not to mention how cool it is that we're both on the same night, on the same [network], with the same producer. It's kind of a weird coincidence."

Claire isn't the only Australian actor in close proximity to Phoebe these days. Last week, "The Secret Circle" viewers met a new love interest for Diana named Adam, who is played by Tim Phillips. "I was so excited when I heard that there was another Australian!" Phoebe said. "I haven't had that much to do with him because his scenes are all with Diana. But when we're all off-set and stuff, it's pretty cool. And I love that there's an Australian accent on the show. I feel very patriotic. Because when I was growing up in Australia and I would hear an Australian accent on an American show, I would be really excited.

"I do have to be careful when I'm around him on set because I'm trying to be American and then when he comes on, I have this thick Australian accent all of a sudden," she added with a laugh. "So I have to be careful about how much I speak to him when I'm about to shoot."

Similarly, Faye Chamberlain needs to be careful with her dark side. Throughout the show's first season, Faye has pulled some selfish moves that have often put other members of the Circle at risk. Phoebe insisted, however, that her character isn't truly evil at heart.

"Faye kind of does things and then it's afterwards that she realizes how bad they are. Faye never wants to hurt anyone, especially the Circle. She doesn't want to hurt any of them. She just kind of does things for herself selfishly ahead of thinking of other people. As passionate as Faye is about getting her magic back and kind of naughty things, she's also equally as passionate about looking after her friends and all that kind of thing. She's just an extreme person."

"The Secret Circle" is all new tonight with "Curse."

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