Dakota Fanning: What's Next For The Actress?

While scanning a list of Dakota Fanning’s upcoming projects, a recurring theme appeared to emerge. What exactly do "Very Good Girls" and "Now Is Good" have in common? Sexing it for the first time.

"Very Good Girls" is about two Big Apple besties who pledge to lose their virginity right after high school graduation. However, when they fall for the same guy (a street artist, obvs), things get more complicated. Then there’s “Now Is Good,” which follows a teen, terminally ill with cancer, who wants to live her life without treatment and in the arms of Jeremy Irvine. She also wants to lose her virginity.

Despite the obvious thematic comparisons, Dakota insists it’s not just about sex in either of these films. “Not really, actually, not really,” she told MTV News recently. “It says that, but they’re not really. They’re a lot more than that."

So, does Dakota have a favorite of the two? “Well I guess the next one that’s coming out is coming out just in the U.K., for now. It’s called ‘Now Is Good,’ and I filmed that last summer,” she explained. “It’s a really amazing story. It was incredible to make, so I’m excited for that one.”

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