See Where Katniss Grew Up

Jennifer Lawrence wasn't kidding when she told us that the paparazzi presence in her life has ramped up to a seriously crazy degree since her casting in "The Hunger Games"—and it's not just the actress herself that we're seeing a lot more of in the news these days! At least one intrepid photographer took a break from hiding in Jennifer's bushes this week to snag a snapshot of her one-time home in Louisville, Kentucky... which, fun coincidence, is more or less smack in the middle of where Panem's District 12 is said to be located.

Splash News

Don't be looking for scrap heaps or Greasy Sae in these pics, though; Jennifer's childhood digs were clearly a lovely, well-kept place, even though it's also where the actress got early practice in the kind of rough-and-tumble stuntwork that would make her a great choice to play the scrappy heroine of "The Hunger Games." (One of our favorite J-Law moments from the past year came during a hilarious appearance on "The Late Show With David Letterman," where she cracked up the audience—and her interviewer—with some great fell-off-a-horse stories about what it was like to grow up just this side of Appalachia.) And now that she's poised to become an uberfamous A-list celebrity, her childhood home will shortly become the very first stop on a new "Jennifer Lawrence Slept Here" tour of the country*.

*Includes regional beverages, two complimentary tickets to a local screening of "The Hunger Games," and a live a cappella rendition of "My Old Kentucky Home" by a tour guide with funny-looking teeth.**

**Okay, not really, but just wait, because people are crazy and it's totally going to happen.

Is it interesting to see this new snapshot of the place Jennifer grew up?