'Hunger Games' Launches Capitol Tour Site: What You Need To Know

Lionsgate has put plenty of out-of-the-cornucopia thinking into its "Hunger Games" marketing plan, which already includes a number of Panem-themed websites offering fans deep dives into the dystopian drama. And now, the final piece of this online presence is in place: The Capitol Tour.

The interactive site utilizes existing properties, including Capitol Couture and Capitol TV, to provide the ultimate online "Hunger Games" experience. In anticipation of the site launch yesterday, Hollywood Crush got a guided tour of, uh, the tour. Here's what you need to know before hopping aboard the Tribute Train.

The tour begins at the Welcome Center, where a flamboyantly clad Capitol citizen explains the navigation system and sends you on your way. If you loiter, you'll see the Tribute Train pull into the station on the right, where District 12 mentors Haymitch and Effie wait. Hover over each character to get informational tidbits about them.

The Guide in the lower left corner is your GPS to explore other areas of the Capitol, as well as peek clips, posters and more teasers. Click on the Control Room (director Gary Ross' favorite stop) to see Seneca Crane's lair where he oversees all the goings-on in the Arena. While there, if you type the phrase "ivolunteer," you'll be treated to an exclusive clip from the Reaping. Also, if you register with Facebook or Twitter, your own stats (and your friends') will appear on the Control Room panels. (Pretty cool integration, huh?)

Be sure to also take a spin through the Avenue of the Tributes—your first full look at where the 24 teens march during their parade. Stay long enough to hear President Snow's full speech to the Tributes. And, again, if you type "ivolunteer" you'll see another exclusive clip. Cursor over the throng of Capitol citizens to get insights into their fashion, courtesy of Capitol Couture.

Returning to the Guide, you might notice some sections, including the Memorabilia Center and the Training Center, aren't yet open to Capitol citizens. But don't despair; the odds are still in your favor. Those portions will open within the next few weeks, so you'll want to check back with The Capitol Tour!

Lionsgate worked with Microsoft to create the Capitol Tour, which is optimized for Internet Explorer 9.

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