'Hunger Games' Liam Hemsworth Is Totally Team Haymitch

Liam Hemsworth might've landed the role of a lifetime when he got cast as Gale in "The Hunger Games," but when it came time to watch the final cut from beginning to end, it wasn't his own performance he was interested in. Chatting with MTV News' Josh Horowitz after seeing the film for the first time, he confessed that what he really wanted to do was ogle the amazing work of his fellow actors—which, of course, he didn't get a chance to see in production after the core cast members said their goodbyes and set off for the Capitol.

"It was amazing to see all the different actors and what they've done," he explained. And the particular performance he was most excited to see?

"Woody Harrelson is one of my favorite actors," Liam said. "I was really excited to see Haymitch come alive—and he's awesome. I'm Team Haymitch all the way."

Which means that Team Haymitch now has a membership of...um, one? But with Liam leading the charge, no doubt more Haymitch enthusiasts will come flocking in to pay tribute to their favorite dystopian drunkard and his marvelous hairpiece.

Oh, and speaking of hairpieces! Liam confirmed that during his audition process for the role of Gale, he secured the help of big brother Chris Hemsworth, whose Katniss reading Liam described as followed:

"It was good! We put a blond wig on him... Well, no, he already had the blond wig." But wig or no wig, it sounds like the Hemsworth sibs are old pros at helping each other to prepare for auditions.

"We've done a lot of readings like that," Liam continued. But he also admits that while Chris was wonderfully useful as a Katniss of Convenience, he wasn't sorry to find himself playing opposite someone a tad less burly when it came time to actually film the movie: "It was a little easier working with an actual girl."

(But only a little!)

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