'True Blood' Casts A Member Of Sookie's Faerie Family

With last season's focus on Amnesiac Eric, Fickle Sookie and an ongoing battle of wills with one seriously bitchy witch, "True Blood" kinda left us dangling when it came to the dirty details about Sook's faerie background (apart from the well-established fact that, as far as the fanged population of Bon Temps is concerned, she's got heaven-scented magic Kool-Aid running through her veins.) But now, Deadline has some casting news that promises to shed a little light on the light-fruit-eating population of the "True Blood" alternaverse: Camilla Luddington has joined the cast as one of Sookie's extended faerie family (fae-mily?), where she'll serve as an important source of info about what's up with this whole faerie subplot, anyway.

Camilla—best-known as the actress who portrayed Kate Middleton in the Lifetime Original Movie about the Royal Romance—will be playing Claudette, sister to the smoldering man-faerie Claude, and is slated to have a recurring role throughout season five. And after so many episodes' worth of unanswered questions about the Fae, here's hoping Sookie manages to trust her magical kinfolk long enough to get some serious answers about her supernatural origins, her ability to blast bolts of golden light out of her palms, and, of course, access to the closely guarded secrets inside Queen Mab's Big Book of Magical Makeup Tips. (Chapter one: Camouflaging your pointy ears in three simple steps.)

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