'Hunger Games' Star Josh Hutcherson Wants You To Love Him Into Submission

Because we listen very carefully to the whisperings of the "The Hunger Games" fandom, we know that you guys have a big, sweaty collective crush on Josh Hutcherson as Peeta the Gorgeous Bakerboy. (Note: When we say "whisperings," we mean "frantic screaming and drooling and offers of marriage every time he appears on screen." Seriously, y'all, you have not been subtle.) So when your favorite Josh met up with our own Josh for a pre-release chat, we made sure to do you a solid and ask him a little bit about his taste in the ladies! Specifically: How'd he feel about Katniss' aggressive attitude during that whole seduction-in-the-cave scene?

And get ready to swoon and drool some more, because Josh answered as follows:

"I love that, yeah, when a woman kind of takes control. That's always nice."

And not only does Josh dig a lady in power, he said that the cave scene was one that he'd been seriously excited to film—purely for professional reasons, of course.

"I was really looking forward to that scene," he said. "As an actor, that's probably one of the best scenes you get to act in the whole movie. It's when Katniss and Peeta's relationship really kind of evolves into this new thing, where they can really trust each other. So as an actor, I was very much looking forward to it."

Right, yes, as an actor. Naturally! The part where he got to be like lovestruck pudding in Jennifer Lawrence's hands had nothing to do with it. But most importantly: However much Josh might have been looking forward to filming that scene, it's nothing compared to how excited we are to actually see it in action. WHICH WE WILL IN JUST THREE MORE DAYS OMG.

Are you so excited to see the cave scene?