Tyler Blackburn On 'Pretty Little Liars' A Reveal: 'It Wasn't What I Expected'

Tyler BlackburnIf you're a fan of ABC Family's sudsy "Pretty Little Liars," you surely don't need a text message to remind you that today is A Day. Yep, after two seasons of murder, mystery and mayhem, we'll finally learn the identity of Rosewood's resident rabble-rouser.

It's been a close-kept secret for the cast and crew, but there have been a few well-placed hints along the way. Despite these teases, the stars of the series were just as in the dark about the texter's identity as we are. At least that's what Tyler Blackburn (a.k.a. Caleb Rivers) wants us to believe.

"I mean, for the actors, we were speculating for a long time, you know. We'd hear little rumors or ask questions that went unanswered, so it did kind of build it up for us," Tyler told Hollywood Crush about the series' central secret. "I was excited. It wasn't really what I expected, so that makes it even more exciting."

And though A's identity has been the series' major mystery, the show will most certainly go on after that tidbit comes to light.

"It definitely leaves you hanging yet again," Tyler said of the reveal. "It's really cool. I feel like this show is obviously sort of like a teen soap opera, in a way, but there's something really cinematic about it—not just the way it's shot but the way it's written, the cliff-hangers it gives you. It seems cinematic to me. I love that and respect that."

Fitting words from Tyler considering producers have been thinking about a "PLL" movie...