Watch New Book Trailer For 'Under The Never Sky'

What happens when a rule-breaking Dweller from the utopia of Reverie gets banished to the violent and terrifying outerlands beyond the city walls? If you've already snatched up the amazing "Under the Never Sky" by Veronica Rossi (and we won't be surprised if you did), you know the answer...and it's pretty exciting. But if you haven't gotten your mitts on the first book in this trilogy of dystopian romance, then here's something that'll make you want it even more! We've got an exclusive look at the trailer for this thrilling story of survival and revolt—complete with lightning storms, cannibal hordes and a leading man who bears a more-than-uncanny resemblance to Alexander Skarsgård.

The story: Aria, a teenage girl in the city of Reverie, is a contented member of the community...until an unidentified transgression lands her in exile in a rough and wild world where the average life expectancy is measured in days. But a chance meeting with Perry, a savage resident of the hinterlands with a mysterious and dark past, could be her one chance to survive—if they can learn to trust each other. (Which, uh, it looks like they do! At least considering that there's some serious snogging in this trailer between the fighting and fireballs and crazy electrical storms.)

Intrigued? Yeah you are. And fortunately, this is one dystopian drama you won't have to wait for: "Under the Never Sky" is on shelves right now, just waiting to be discovered.

Are you going to check out "Under the Never Sky"?