What Surprised Josh Hutcherson Most About 'The Hunger Games'?

Fans starving for the release of the hotly anticipated "Hunger Games" need wait only four more days until their appetite for dystopian drama is satisfied. And if you need any last-minute reassurances that the Gary Ross-directed adaptation is all you've been hoping for, take a gander at this interview with Peeta himself, Josh Hutcherson, in which he spills to Josh Horowitz about watching the film for the first time (hint: he dug it).

"Honestly, I just hope it doesn't suck. That's my mentality when I go in to watch one of my movies," Josh said with a big grin. "I hope I don't get bored watching it, and I didn't watching this. I was so happy how it came together. It really, to me, was kind of the most interesting way this story could be told. The way Gary captured the essence of the story and the characters, cinematically, is incredible."

With Josh's District 12 tribute appearing in the bulk of the movie's scenes, you'd think little would surprise the actor when he finally sat down to watch the film on the big screen, but not so, said the actor.

"I think the score, to me, was one of the most surprising things," he revealed. "I think it's really interesting. And some of the editing choices that were made were so cool and different and nothing I'd ever seen before. Like, in the scene when Jennifer is stung by the tracker jackers. That kind of cool editing thing. It really kind of blew my mind."

Despite his awed reaction, Josh kept his emotions in check during his first screening. In fact, dude didn't shed a single tear! (A mean feat, to be sure, seeing as we get a little misty-eyed each and every time we watch Katniss volunteer as tribute in the trailer.)

"Inside I did. I held it in," Josh said when asked if he cried while watching. But lest you think Josh is as emotionless as a loaf of bread, he did cop to at least one recent tear-stained movie-going experience. "When I saw 'My Sister's Keeper,' I openly wept the entire movie, and I feel comfortable saying that."

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