Kristen Stewart Speaks In New 'Snow White And The Huntsman' Trailer!

After months of waiting for a more complete look at "Snow White and the Huntsman," we've finally got our wish: a new, extended trailer with at least 75 percent more Kristen Stewart! And this exciting look at the hotly anticipated summer flick not only shows the raven-haired heroine in action, but also speaking with a high-falutin' fairytale accent.

The trailer premiered on Comcast's Xfinity site, along with a new five-minute featurette that shows Snow White's thrilling initial escape into the forbidden forest. (Clearly, KStew missed her calling as a major league baseball player—that's one heck of a slide to freedom as she flees the queen's minions.)

Also of note in the new trailer: a near-naked Charlize Theron (you're welcome, boys), a titch of dialogue between Kristen and Chris Hemsworth's Hunstman, the first full appearance of the story's signature small men, and some seriously freaky footage of supernatural goings-on in the forbidden forest that leaves no question about the visual Wow Factor of this film. And while it's easy to go a little cross-eyed at the sheer volume of special effects—trees with faces! Animals made of plants! A malicious attack cloud made of spiky volcanic glass!—even this minutes-long mash-up hints at "Snow White and the Huntsman" being a seriously cool story that's much more than a bag of CGI tricks.

Let the countdown to June 1 commence!

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