'Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' DVD EXCLUSIVE: Creating Salander's Style

If your closet is bursting with designer Trish Summerville's "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"-inspired clothing line for H&M, then this video is for you. Or if, like us, you were stuck at your desk while everyone else went and bought-up the frocks by the thousands, leaving not so much as a nipple ring to wrestle over, then this video is for you too (though try to contain your seething jealousy).

In anticipation of the gritty drama's release on DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow, Hollywood Crush has nabbed a sneak peek at one of the disc's bonus features, in which designer Trish explains how the punk hacker's look came to be.

"She was really open. After we started going for a while, then I'd go to her with different changes, like, here's the scene next week, what do you see yourself wearing there?" Trish recalled of working with star Rooney Mara. "And we got to put stuff together, and she started having her favorites and things she liked more. And she was like, 'I'd wear this because of that.' So it was great, instead of me just saying, 'Here's your clothes.'"

Of course, the pieces didn't go straight from the hanger to Rooney's back; they had to be Lisbeth-ified first—a tedious process for Trish and her costume team. "Salander definitely had just basic pieces, but everything is kind of dirty and everything's kind of worn in," Trish explained. "Everything we did for the film we aged ourselves. We did a lot of de-stressing and top-washing treatments and aging and over-dying them."

Clearly the outcome was worth all the effort, though, as girl looked FIERCE. (However, we're still sore we didn't get to try on a single item from Trish's H&M line...)

Click on the video above to hear more from Trish, including which outfit director David Fincher thought made Rooney look like a Jedi knight.