Fan Casting Finnick: Who Should Play 'Catching Fire' Hunk?

Yesterday, "Hunger Games" director Gary Ross confirmed that the question of who'll play Finnick Odair in the sequel, "Catching Fire," is still wide open and utterly undecided...prompting a veritable deluge of comments and tweets from fans who know exactly which gentleman deserves the role. And man, is this a field of contenders—with everyone from "Twilight" alums to Peeta rejects getting enthusiastic support from the public.

But with everyone clamoring equally loud for their picks—a list that includes such varied fellows as Kellan Lutz, Alex Pettyfer, Chord Overstreet, Garrett Hedlund and even YouTuber Joey Graceffa—there's only one way to know which of these dashing dudes is really and truly your favorite choice for Finnick. And that's a poll! So, no cheating: Check out our gallery of hot prospects above, and tell us who you'd like to see mending nets and kicking butt as the returning champion of District 4.

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