'Vampire Diaries' Star Candice Accola Says Caroline Is Manipulating Klaus

by Ryan Downey

To hear Candice Accola tell it, Klaus has saved Caroline Forbes from a life of wine coolers and cheerleading.

Hollywood Crush caught up with "The Vampire Diaries" star and her cast mates at a PaleyFest screening of this week's episode, "1912," in L.A. While Klaus doesn't show-up in the flashback-driven episode (which focuses on the Salvatores' shared past), the recent steamy tension between everybody's favorite bad-boy Original vampire and the former Miss Mystic Falls has filled us fans with plenty of questions about where that may be headed.

"There has been a development between Caroline and Klaus," Candice acknowledged, speaking to us on the red carpet before the premiere. "But I feel it's been more a tool of manipulation on Caroline's part. Everything has been more or less part of a master plan."

While vampire-werewolf hybrid Tyler has been off trying to break his sire bond for the sake of Caroline, old Niklaus has been putting his seductive moves on her with fancy jewelry, fancy clothes, cool drawings and invitations to journey with him to exotic locales. "[Klaus is] actually putting into Caroline's mind that there's a whole other world out there," she pointed out. "There's culture, there's art. 'You have the ability to live forever. Do it! Live!'"

Around the time we met Stefan Salvatore in season one, he was headed back to high school. Caroline likely would've found herself in the same place, even sooner, had it not been for the worldview-broadening intervention of ol' Niklaus.

"Exactly!" Candice agreed. "Living in high school. Being the ultimate head cheerleader and the best prom committee head ever... This is the first time Caroline has really seen opportunity. I think that's what attracts her to Klaus. 'Cause otherwise, Caroline probably would have just ended up in her small town, you know, sipping on wine coolers, talking about the good old days when she was Miss Mystic Falls."

So what will Tyler Lockwood make of all of this when he gets back in town? We haven't seen much of him for the past several weeks, but Candice insisted that's about to change. "Tyler will be coming back before the season ends. And Caroline and Tyler do have scenes together."

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