Peep The EXCLUSIVE Cover Of 'The Rise of Nine'!

If you're a fan of Pittacus Lore's brilliant aliens-on-the-run novels "I Am Number Four" and "The Power of Six," then get ready to increase your literary anticipation by a mathematical factor of AWESOME: Hollywood Crush has scored an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the cover design for the next book, which will hit shelves this summer. Are you ready to feast your earthling eyeballs on "The Rise of Nine"? Well, gird your loins, because it's happening right now.

"The Rise of Nine" picks up where "The Power of Six" left off, with hard-to-kill extraterrestrial John Smith (a.k.a. Number Four) on the run and desperately searching for the remaining handful of expat Loriens who've hidden themselves amongst the teenage population of planet Earth. And time is of the essence; the evil Mogadorians have already taken out a full third of the surviving refugees, and they'll stop at nothing to eradicate the Lorien race from the face of the universe.

Will John and fellow Lorien Nine be able to locate Six and Seven in time to fight back? Could this be the end of the numbered nine? Will the Loriens officially renounce their numbers and all start calling themselves "Barry"? Only time (and the narrative of the next book!) will tell. And with five long months until "The Rise of Nine" comes out August 21, you'll just have to sit back, be patient, and try not to get so excited over the ongoing saga of "I Am Number Four" that you accidentally go number one in your pants. BE STRONG.

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