Jeremy Irons To Cast His Spell On 'Beautiful Creatures'

Jeremy IronsPerhaps producers should consider retitling this adaptation "Beautifully Talented Creatures," considering the high-caliber cast they've been able to lure to Gatlin County thus far. The latest glorious get? Oscar-winner Jeremy Irons, who is in final negotiations to join the film, according to a release from Alcon Entertainment.

The legendary actor will play Macon Ravenwood, the mysterious uncle of Lena Duchannes and the unofficial boogeyman of their Southern town. Despite being an avowed hermit, the powerful caster oozes a debonair quality reminiscent of a certain British thespian we know. In short, this is one magical casting (and you can quote us on that!).

Jeremy joins an already bursting cast list, which includes Viola Davis as Amma, Alice Englert as Lena, Jack O'Connell as Ethan, Emma Thompson as Mrs. Lincoln/Sarafine, Emmy Rossum as Ridley, and Thomas Mann as Link.

"Beautiful Creatures," based on the novel by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, is slated for a February 1, 2013 release.

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