'Hunger Games' Red-Carpet Live Stream!

The odds are clearly in your favor—you're watching MTV News' red-carpet live stream of "The Hunger Games" world premiere, after all! For the next two hours, our very own Josh Horowitz, Christina Garibaldi and Down With the Capitol's Arianna Ruiz will bring you all the stars and stunners from outside L.A.'s Nokia Theatre. And your gal pals at Hollywood Crush will be live blogging the entire thing. (So expect plenty of colorful commentary and wolf whistles when Liam Hemsworth comes on screen. Yowy zowy.) But! We also need some help from our sponsors... Yeah, that's you, silly!

As you follow along with the live stream and blog, be sure to tweet your questions to @MTVNews using the hashtag #AskHG, and keep the conversation going in the comments section below.

Let the Games begin!

10:36And...that's a wrap on tonight's "Hunger Games" world premiere red-carpet live stream/blog! Thanks for joining us. Stick close with MTV in the coming weeks as we roll out even more goodies in anticipation of the film's March 23 premiere!

10:32 Jennifer Lawrence in glittering gold: "Was everyone disappointed I wasn't on fire?"

10:28 "I really didn't want it to suck," Liam Hemsworth says so eloquently. (SPOILER ALERT: It didn't)

10:21 THE TOOCH! "I wanted to experiment with noses, which we didn't end up using," Stanley says of TV host Caesar Flickerman's look. "He's a Vegas act. You kind of have to think of him like that."

10:20 Tales from "The Hunger Games" mall tour... The sign that most caught Josh Hutcherson's attention: "Is that a loaf of bread in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

10:18 Miley doesn't think she'll angle for a role in "Catching Fire" or "Mockingjay."

10:17 Miley Cyrus did not read Katniss lines with BF Liam. "I'm a bad girlfriend," she says.

10:15 Director Gary Ross on Jennifer Lawrence: "I'd never seen an audition that good, ever."

10:12 "She's a rock star to me," Elizabeth says of author Suzanne.

10:10 I'm not sure what's going on with Elizabeth Banks' orange Fanta dress, but I love it.

10:04 Alex also has a single coming out. This cast is a musical bunch.

10:00 Basically every male tribute TOWERS over Josh. Maybe we should have brought a step stool to the black carpet? Anyhoo, we've got Alexander Ludwig (a.k.a. Cato).

Fun fact: Men in green suits stood in for the Muttations while filming. "It was hard not to laugh," Alexander says.

9:59 Who's your pick for Finnick in "Catching Fire"?

9:57 We still have Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth coming up. Stay close!

9:53 "We've gotten a little bit of feedback letting us know people appreciate it," says producer Nina Jacobson. According to Nina, the plan is to start production on "Catching Fire" in a few months—somewhere hot and sweaty. "Mockingjay" as two films has not been set in stone. Yet.

9:52 And Josh just propelled Wes into a mid-life crisis. Good going, guy.

9:49 Wes Bentley is here...without Seneca Crane's beard. "I considered a handle bar, just a flat mustache, flat chops." We think you made the right choice, Wes.

9:42 FYI, "Hunger Games" author Suzanne Collins just walked by, but she's not doing interviews.

9:39 Soundtrack artists Pistol Annies are pistols. "We are Katniss!"

9:36 Toby Jones has plenty of accolades for "The Hunger Games" aesthetic: "I've not seen design concepts like that since the '70s. There's kind of a retro, ancient Rome [feel]."

9:34 In case you missed it, our interview with Seneca Crane's beard. It's epic, if we do say so ourselves.

9:28 Cody Simpson is channeling Justin Timberlake tonight, right? But with the added bonus of an Aussie accent.

...And how ironic I said that considering Cody just admitted J.T. is the artist he'd camp out for. #perceptive

9:25 We're getting Foxy. Heh. "It's my first time seeing myself on the big screen," Jacqueline Emerson says. "If I wasn't in it, I'd be one of the fans camped out here all night because I love it."

Fun fact: Jacqueline was asked to audition after participating in a Gary Ross-hosted panel with other kids who had read the book.

9:21 Beware that rose, Josh. We've got President Snow (a.k.a. Donald Sutherland).

9:20 Do you hope Gary Ross directs all four "Hunger Games" films? Sound off in the comments.

9:16 "I'm so excited. It's crazy." - Willow Shields. We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

9:14 Va-va-voom, Leven Rambin! The District 1 tribute is living up to her moniker. She's GLIMMERing in that red gown.

9:12 Jack just revealed his zombie apocalypse survival plan. We might be in love.

9:10 Jack Quaid is also gigantic. Clearly, these tributes are taking their vitamins. Jack says got his Hollywood start doing magic shows for showbiz rents Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan.

9:07 It's like the tribute parade. Now Clove (a.k.a. Isabelle Fuhrman) is on the black carpet with Josh. She's read the first book THIRTEEN TIMES. "I actually wrote up a whole back story that was two pages, about her circumstances and where she came from," Isabelle says of her District 2 tribute.

9:04 Rue's fellow District 11 tribute, Thresh (a.k.a. Dayo Okeniyi), is here with the best accessory possible: a Mockingjay pin.

9:03 Josh, we prefer apple. #BakersSon

9:01 Amandla's one-word review of "The Hunger Games": "Incredible." We'll take your word for it, you cutie pie.

9:00 Adorable! Amandla Stenberg went to her audition covered in twigs and leaves. She's so method.

8:59 RUE!

8:58 Your turn! Who's your favorite "Hunger Games" character?

8:54 So apparently the big-screen version hems quite closely to the book. We'll take it!

8:53 I think Josh is about to have an existential crisis. Good questions, guys. Keep 'em coming!

8:50 Keep sending your "Hunger Games" questions using the hashtag #AskHG!

8:47 Diem from "The Challenge" is here. #synergy

8:40 We have our first tribute! District 3's Kalia Prescott. I'm pretty sure she could take Josh Horowitz in the Arena. I mean, she's got at least six inches on him!

8:37 Our fan site co-host for the evening is Arianna Ruiz. Be sure to check out her site, Down With the Capitol!

8:33 Which "Hunger Games" scene are you most excited to see on the big screen? Tell us in the comments below!

8:32 Here we go!

8:25 Welcome to the 74th annual Hunger Games! Known to non-Panem citizens as the world premiere of the highly anticipated "Hunger Games" film.