Jillian Rose Reed: We're Obsessing Over The 'My Super Psycho Sweet 16' Star In This Week's Girl Crush

Jillian Rose Reed fast-talked her way into our hearts as Jenna's feisty best friend, Tamara, on MTV's "Awkward," but tomorrow night she's swapping one BFF for another, as she tackles the role of Sienna in "My Super Psycho Sweet 16 Part 3." Sienna is Skye's new roommate, and she has no clue about the survivor's dark past. So in honor of Jillian's MTV twofer, we're awarding her this week's Girl Crush title.

An achievement which, it turns out, fulfilled one of Jillian's life goals. "You don't understand. Like, ever since I was little, I've dreamed about being MTV's crush, and now I've made it," she enthused. "I'm done now. I don't have to do anything more for the rest of my career. I've hit my peak."

As to what she looks for in a Girl Crush (trust, we're listening hard here), Jillian's got only a few requirements. "My Girl Crush would have to be beautiful, obviously. A little edgy because that's the kind of girl I'm into. Definitely have a big personality, spontaneous and be able to do really awesome stuff with me."

And, as you'd expect, her bevy of celebrity Girl Crushes hems closely to the above listed adjectives. "Let me start off with Zooey Deschanel," Jillian revealed. "I have a huge crush on her. She's the cutest thing ever. Scarlett Johansson is everyone's Girl Crush. Jessica Szohr from 'Gossip Girl'—she's so hot."

"My Super Psycho Sweet 16 Part 3" airs tomorrow night at 10/9 C on MTV.